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Oracle VM VirtualBox 6.0.14 업데이트

la Nube 2019. 10. 19. 00:00

오라클(Oracle)이 개발하는 VirtualBox(버추얼박스)가 6.0.14 버전으로 업데이트되었습니다.

VirtualBox 6.0.14 (released October 15 2019)

This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

 - Virtualization core: fixed an invalid-guest state guru meditation in some rare circumstances on Intel hosts

 - Virtualization core: some fixes for systems with lots of processors

 - Audio: relaxed VRM / VRA (variable rate audio) bit checks to provide more compatibility for guests running ALSA setups with the AC'97 emulation

 - USB: made device capturing for passthrough more accurate and reliable on Windows host

 - Network: fixed potential issue with interrupt signalling for network adapters in UEFI guests

 - 3D: fixed flicker and redraw issues when using VBoxSVGA or VMSVGA graphics adapter (bugs #18562, #18956)

 - 3D: fixed crash with some applications when using VBoxSVGA or VMSVGA graphics adapter (bug #18638)

 - macOS host: fix crash of GUI VM process which showed up frequently with 10.15 Catalina (bug #18990)

 - Linux host: support Linux 5.3, thank you Larry Finger (see also bug #18911)

 - Linux host: improve python version detection during rpm package creation, can change package dependencies and fix some installation problems

 - Linux guests: calls to aio_read(3) and aio_write(3) may fail inside shared folders (bug #18805)

 - Linux guests: fix problem with shared folder unmounting in service script, thank you Denis Ryndine (bug #18853)

 - Linux guests: VBox 6.0.10 GAs fail to compile on Red Hat/CentOS/Oracle Linux 7.7 and Red Hat 8.1 Beta (bug #18917)

업데이트된 버전은 공식 홈페이지에서 다운로드할 수 있습니다.

참고로 버추얼박스 6.0부터는 32비트 운영체제를 지원하지 않습니다. 버추얼박스 5.2가 32비트 운영체제를 지원하는 마지막 버전이며, 버추얼박스 5.2는 2020년 7월까지만 지원됩니다.

 * If you're looking for the latest VirtualBox 5.2 packages, see VirtualBox 5.2 builds. Please also use version 5.2 if you still need support for 32-bit hosts, as this has been discontinued in 6.0. Version 5.2 will remain supported until July 2020.