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Oracle VM VirtualBox 6.1.10 업데이트

la Nube 2020. 6. 7. 16:39

오라클(Oracle)이 개발하는 VirtualBox(버추얼박스)의 업데이트가 나왔습니다.

VirtualBox 6.1.10 (released June 05 2020)

This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

- GUI: Fixed crash when using Qt on Xwayland sessions (bug #19583)

- GUI: Fixed mouse pointer doesn't work properly in Windows guests when scaling is on (bug #19597)

- VBoxManage: Fixed crash of 'VBoxManage internalcommands repairhd' when processing invalid input (bug #19579)

- Settings: disable audio input and audio output by default for new VMs (bug #19527)

- Guest Additions: Fixed resizing and multi monitor handling for Wayland guests. (bug #19496)

- Guest Additions: Fixed VBoxClient error: The parent session seems to be non-X11. (bug #19590)

- Linux host and guest: Linux kernel version 5.7 support. (bug #19516)


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