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파이어폭스(Firefox) 58.0 업데이트

la Nube 2018. 1. 27. 00:30

모질라(Mozilla)에서 개발하는 웹브라우저 '불여우' 파이어폭스(Firefox)의 새로운 기능 추가와 버그 수정 및 보안 취약점 문제를 해결한 파이어폭스 58.0 버전이 윈도, 맥OS, 리눅스에서 업데이트를 통해 각각 배포되었습니다.


이번 업데이트에는 다음과 같은 32건의 보안 취약점에 대한 보안 패치가 포함되어 있습니다.

■ Critical 등급 (3)

CVE-2018-5089 : Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 58 and Firefox ESR 52.6

CVE-2018-5090 : Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 58

CVE-2018-5091 : Use-after-free with DTMF timers

■ High 등급 (13)

CVE-2018-5092 : Use-after-free in Web Workers

CVE-2018-5093 : Buffer overflow in WebAssembly during Memory/Table resizing

CVE-2018-5094 : Buffer overflow in WebAssembly with garbage collection on uninitialized memory

CVE-2018-5095 : Integer overflow in Skia library during edge builder allocation

CVE-2018-5097 : Use-after-free when source document is manipulated during XSLT

CVE-2018-5098 : Use-after-free while manipulating form input elements

CVE-2018-5099 : Use-after-free with widget listener

CVE-2018-5100 : Use-after-free when IsPotentiallyScrollable arguments are freed from memory

CVE-2018-5101 : Use-after-free with floating first-letter style elements

CVE-2018-5102 : Use-after-free in HTML media elements

CVE-2018-5103 : Use-after-free during mouse event handling

CVE-2018-5104 : Use-after-free during font face manipulation

CVE-2018-5105 : WebExtensions can save and execute files on local file system without user prompts

■ Moderate 등급 (13)

CVE-2018-5106 : Developer Tools can expose style editor information cross-origin through service worker

CVE-2018-5107 : Printing process will follow symlinks for local file access

CVE-2018-5108 : Manually entered blob URL can be accessed by subsequent private browsing tabs

CVE-2018-5109 : Audio capture prompts and starts with incorrect origin attribution

CVE-2018-5110 : Cursor can be made invisible on OS X

CVE-2018-5111 : URL spoofing in addressbar through drag and drop

CVE-2018-5112 : Extension development tools panel can open a non-relative URL in the panel

CVE-2018-5113 : WebExtensions can load non-HTTPS pages with browser.identity.launchWebAuthFlow

CVE-2018-5114 : The old value of a cookie changed to HttpOnly remains accessible to scripts

CVE-2018-5115 : Background network requests can open HTTP authentication in unrelated foreground tabs

CVE-2018-5116 : WebExtension ActiveTab permission allows cross-origin frame content access

CVE-2018-5117 : URL spoofing with right-to-left text aligned left-to-right

CVE-2018-5118 : Activity Stream images can attempt to load local content through file

■ Low 등급 (3)

CVE-2018-5119 : Reader view will load cross-origin content in violation of CORS headers

CVE-2018-5121 : OS X Tibetan characters render incompletely in the addressbar

CVE-2018-5122 : Potential integer overflow in DoCrypt


그 외에 다음과 같은 새로운 기능 추가 및 버그 수정이 이루어졌습니다.

■ NEW - Performance improvements

   * Rendering graphics for Windows users by using Off-Main-Thread Painting (OMTP)

   * Loading pages faster by changing how Firefox caches and retrieves JavaScript

■ NEW - Improvements to Firefox Screenshots

   * Copy and paste screenshots directly to your clipboard

   * Firefox Screenshots now works in Private Browsing mode

■ NEW - Added Nepali (ne-NP) locale

■ FIXED - Fonts installed in non-standard directories will no longer appear blank for Linux users

■ CHANGED - User profiles created in Firefox 58 (and in future releases) are not supported in previous versions of Firefox. Users who downgrade to a previous version should create a new profile for that version. Learn about alternatives to downgrading on our support site.

■ DEVELOPER - Implemented the PerformanceNavigationTiming API

자세한 업데이트 내역은 아래 링크의 정보를 참고하기 바랍니다.


[영향을 받는 소프트웨어 및 업데이트 버전]

□ 파이어폭스 57.0.4 및 이하 버전 → 파이어폭스 58.0 버전으로 업데이트


그러므로 파이어폭스 사용자는 자동 업데이트('메뉴 열기 → 도움말 → Firefox 정보') 기능을 통해 최신버전으로 업데이트하기 바랍니다.

리눅스에서는 패키지 업데이트를 통해 최신버전으로 업데이트하기 바랍니다.

데비안 / 우분투 기준 : $ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade